Ben 24" in French, Wheat, Marble Rye, Sour.

Sticks 24"in Sour, French and Wheat

​Baguettes 24" in French, Parisian and Italian​

3' to 6' Subs in French, Sour and Wheat. **Go over to Ben Franklin's Sandwiches and have them cater these at your next gathering! 

Scones regular size and mini in Triple Berry, Apricot and Chocolate. Butter Croissants​,Brownies and more

Marble Rye, Egg Bread, Squaw, Whole Wheat, Light Rye, Sour, White and Cinnamon Orange Swirl 

Burger Buns in Sesame, Potato, Plain, Wheat, Onion, Wheat sesame, Dutch Crunch, Brioche, Hawaiian and much more  

Steak Rolls in French, Sour, Wheat and more

Hot dogs, Bread Bowls, Provencal breads, Ciabatta, Focaccia and so much more

We provide thin, 3/4 and 1" cut  

Dinner Rolls in 9Grain, Squaw, White, Wheat, Potato, Sour, Poppy, Rye and more

*Call or stop by to get a full list of our products.

Deli Rolls in French, Sour, Wheat, Onion, Dutch Crunch and many more flavors